Yoga at Burning Heart with Ellen has become my home away from home. The hot yoga has been essential for my mental and physical health. -Carly B

Burning Heart believes the world is better when people are in their bodies and live from their hearts,  those who hold a capacity to connect with others, who speak authentically and from the heart, and who are willing to look inside their own trials and life situations and share them. When you effectively and truthfully share who you are, it empowers others to do the same. It is what motivates and inspires people to do better. Since the Pandemic, Burning Heart has modified the studio and what it offers. We are now catering to small private groups, private one on one, duet and  trio sessions in  addition to Yoga Training and Mentoring, and Food and Life Coaching. We are an exclusive retailer of Lululemon Athletica and other fine fitness and wellness products in our small,  beautifully curated boutique. Burning Heart offers the perfect alchemy of heart and soul with the technical and experiential know how on how to become an effective, lit up human. We are offering in person weekly SPIN and Yoga Pods open to a limited number of participants. If you have interest in joining, please email Hotyogagrl@gmail.com for more info.

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For more info please call 508-332-0440

Ellen, thank you for creating these yoga pods. They are literally healing something inside of me!! -Denise D