The best thing that has happened to Greenfield in a while- Ashli S
You make people want to be better. -Elizabeth C
Ellen has an undying and unwavering commitment to achieving a higher plane of understanding- about food, diets, excercise, health, friendship, trust, acceptance, and challenges. By example,she sets the bar high for all of us. Not in an esoteric sense -she guides others to "better themselves" in whatever way inspires them, all while leading us away from judgement. With Ellen it's not about beauty or achieving an ideal, it is about always trying to think critically (in the best sense of the word) about what we want from life and what holds us back from taking action. -Rita R
Ellen is an excellent instructor. She cares an enormous amount for the people in her class. She cares enough to push us to be better. She cares enough to provide a supportive environment. She reminds us of our goals, admits when things are hard, and then pushes us harder. She engages us with questions, poses and energy. She is a teacher and a coach and a friend. Ellen Abraham is a force to be reckoned with. Class with Ellen is challenging, fun, interesting, different, difficult, rewarding, thought provoking, involved, and so much more. I feel so lucky to have such an awesome community and Ellen is what makes this all come alive! -Kelsey G
You have opened my eyes and given me wings...your passion is infectious ..I am a better me because of you, in many ways. And you are hot. -Laura B
I can do so much more than the rut I was in allowed me to believe.
Burning Heart makes my heart go flitter. There is beauty, love, gratitude and glitter....I just love that you are happy to see us arrive and that you thank us for coming. I love the Burning Heart experience/brand/community that you create. I appreciate the nuggets of truth and pieces of vulnerabilty and ultimate power that you lay out for your customers, your peeps. You teach with intention and love. THANK YOU. -Nancy G
Ellen as a teacher is very accomplished and knowledgeable and her diverse perspective/trainings make for a much richer experience. She can reach every student on a personal level and seems to know just what each individual needs to reach their own potential. She takes students through each pose and address both the mental and physical components of the postures. She comes to know each student on an individual basis and is aware of his/her strengths and weaknesses and where he/she may compromise postures. She communicates this with each student so that he/she can come to identify this for himself/herself. Personally, I have developed a greater sense of awareness for my body and its tendencies. Under Ellen's instruction not only has my practice improved but I have also developed greater self-awareness and intention for my practice. I have been challenged physically and mentally. Having practiced at various studios, I have found one key difference in Ellen as an instructor - she is not there to give direction and instruction through a series of postures but she is there with intention, intention to help each person derive what they need from their practice and to bring them further. -Jessica S
My diet sure did suck before the 28 Day Vegan Challenge!!! I love this!! And you! Ellen is so genuine, and she helps people selflessly. Thanks for all you do and for being there for me, you are seriously changing my life. I mean it. You inspire me all the time to manifest what I want and need and slowly, I am getting there. People love you for a reason, you are my freakin hero! -Missy S
Ellen's teaching is amazing. In a very short time period, I am able to do things I never imagined. I started with Ellen out of shape and discouraged with my body. She assists me with both my physical and mental blocks. She does not "baby"me into shape.At times, she has that tough love thing going on. She also gives instructions that are so specific that I get it.I understand what part of the body needs to shift to get the posture.I feel it.I am starting my practice again. I am excited. Ellen assisted me with changing my outlook and attitude towards what is possible and what I am capable of. I just did a head stand last night and I used my shoulders. I could feel how it worked. Did I mention I was afraid of head stands?...Not so much now..... -Susan Y
I love your humor and relentlessness. You could see a me that I could not see and you NEVER let that image go no matter how hard I tried to show you how pathetic I was.
The opportunity that Ellen gave me is the kind that people dream of being offered... the opportunity to remake themselves. We can all do it - truthfully we could all do it at any time - but Ellen saw me, right where I was, as I was... struggling, fighting for something more from myself - and made a safe space for me to do that work. She committed her time and invested her heart in the work of me. What words are there to possibly express my gratitude? -Zephyr S
Working with Ellen changed my life in the way that I frame my thinking. She gave me and taught me emotional tools that became powerful life savers once our hour ended. When she isn't present, her voice is strong in my head. The biggest change for me was she gave me my sense of freedom back
Ellen's greatest strength is her ability to connect one's mind to their body. She is able to refocus me in mere minutes. Where I was lost, I am now found. With her ability to connect mind to body, she allows me to embrace who I am - physically and mentally. I once again feel in control of who I am in my body. Also, Ellen has a way of calling you out. She sees through the bullshit of excuses. Also, she is totally present the entire time she is training you. She never loses focus or is distracted. She is the most genuine, intuitive individual I have ever met. She is a force. -Rebecca G
You inspire me even from afar. -Aileen M
Ellen is a goddess. No joke. I mean this in the classical Greek sense -- her power to get you to do it, to want it, to own it, to get better and to feel good is amazing. I have worked with a lot of trainers, coaches and teachers in my day and Ellen is something special. -Vicki G
For real...I've started writing this testimonial more than a few times, but it comes down to this. You helped me love and trust my body again. Thank you for that. And big love to you for making me laugh, making me work, and keeping it real..... I don't think I knew how much I needed it. -Kate G
I am so grateful for having found you. From the first time I walked in I was made to feel welcome and encouraged in my practice. Ellen knows the right blend of humor and seriousness to make it all fun. -Jen F
If you value laughter, friendship, and sweat, you should be taking a class with Ellen. She caters to all types of yogis, hard-core athletes, and head bangers. I am going to spin, stretch, and twist my way into the future. Ellen has helped me find my sexy and I'm not giving it back. I love it! -Hilary F
It feels like I've been on a profound journey and you have been a guiding star for my path. When I started doing yoga 3 or so years ago with you~ It was my first yoga. I could barely hold still I was in so much pain from Lyme's Disease and Fibromayalgia. I certainly could NOT do yoga anywhere else~ I had tried~ but the heat and warmth and your extraordinary spirit of kindness, discipline and enthusiasm made it all possible. I found I COULD do yoga and my body moved through pain to where I now have a sweet and capable yoga practice. I have come light years in healing by being devoted to yoga. I listened and and took your words to heart. Thank you. Thank you for listening. -Nancy T
Ellen, I don't get to come to your classes very often, but I want you to know that you are the most talented, and inspiring exercise instructor that I've ever come across. Positive energy, intensity, and inspiration, you have it all.  -Nancy H
Doing Pilates with Ellen has changed my life. I came to her after a desperate cry to the universe for help. The answer was try. I got up off my bedroom floor and called. When I came I could barely walk, I had trouble breathing, walking upstairs and standing. I was overweight and I avoided excercise like the plague. Ellen was friendly and so encouraging. I knew she really wanted me to succeed and that my size didn't matter. It's been almost 6 months and I've lost 12 pounds without dieting, I can walk upstairs without holding on to the railing, I can pick stuff up off the floor, I've conquered my fear of physical challenges and it's hard to believe, but I look forward to exercising now. I actually miss it. If it weren't for Ellen and Pilates I wouldn't be walking today. I've done Pilates, yoga, boxing, step aerobics, and spinning with you. Ellen is awesome at coaching about food and diet too! Working with Ellen has changed my life! -Nancy A
Ellen has the ability to see through bullshit.
Ellen has an ability to say 'yes you can' when someone is saying 'no I can't'. She inspires people to reach for their edge and teach them to figure out just where that edge is. She pushes.... In my journey with her, there were tears, anger, as well as joy. She helped me find my path. She inspired me to keep going when I was sure I couldn't do it. Working with her helped me to grow immensely, not only in physical and emotional strength but most importantly for me, in self confidence and personal strength. I believe I can do anything, that I have the strength to do anything. -Shari G
My mantra remains "I can do it." I am more aware of the limits I attempt to place on myself out of fear or discomfort. I continue to move beyond my limiting beliefs with the confidence that my body can handle the challenges before it. -Kate L
When I went into a challenge with Ellen, I wanted to get 'unstuck', I was feeling like I needed a jump start. I was feeling like my clothes didn't fit well, I was eating like I was trying to fill an empty container, I wasn't very motivated to change on my own- so, I thought, OK, this will inspire me to get back into shape. Well... not only do I feel inspired to get back into shape, but I feel a shift has taken place. I think for the first time, I have felt, seen, and heard from my own eyes and ears- for ME and not for someone else. I have done athletics before, gotten into shape, looked good..but this experience was something else. Ellen, pushed me to a level that I hadn't been before (except childbirth). Thank you so much for doing this work! It's affected so many people on so many different levels. -Elisabeth B
Thank you so much for offering this program and being such a wonderful teacher, advocate, and friend. Obviously I am thrilled with the weightloss, but I am more excited about my new outlook on things (making myself a top priority) and renewed interest in physical activity and healthy eating. You have been awesome through the whole process. Thanks again for all you do. -David H
When I first came to Ellen, I was having trouble walking, the result of an old knee injury. I was dispirited and convinced I would need surgery. After just a few sessions, I really felt my balance return and then the ability to build strength. After a month or so, I felt as I had before my injury, and I was hiking and dancing again. Now, when I feel those twinges, I don't panic and think knee replacement...Your sessions helped me to remain calm and focused and work through the pain, building confidence every step of the way. -Melanie K
I approached the 28 day challenge with the goal of losing weight, but on finishing, my outlook has transcended that mundane wish. I have discovered sheer joy…joy in this body that I’ve been so unkind to for so long. I have found pleasure in my ability to accomplish this mammoth task—thankfulness for being able to complete 20 push-ups, ecstasy in a 45 minute spin class, and bliss in a workout that brings me to places I never imagined for myself. The greatest pleasure, however, is the epiphany that this is the same body I’ve had all along…the same body that gave me two beautiful children, that endured a marathon labor, that hiked mountains, and played sports and hugged friends… a body that has always done that which I asked of it. This body has supported me through this beautiful, beautiful life. After the challenge, I have vowed that I will always take care of it, I will always appreciate it, and I won’t talk smack about it! I will take joy, not in sizes and numbers, but in my ability, intensity, and my willingness…my health, my practice, and my good fortune. Thank you, Ellen! -Amanda G