Private Training
Includes Functional Fitness training, Pilates with and without the equipment, TRX, BootCamp, Yoga, and other movement modalities brought together in your best interests.

Private sessions will help you:

  • Create and establish a home practice.
  • Bring focus to strengthening your existing practice.
  • Tailor the practice/ workout to suit your personal needs.
  • Work on more challenging poses or goals, whether they are more demanding in nature or just not accessible yet
  • Work on poses specific to your body’s needs, be it stress management, flexibility, strength, and or balance.
  • Integrate whole wellness; food, spirituality, wellness and wellbeing
  • Focus on Sports Specific or Body Specific needs; runners, athletes etc.
  • Learn how to incorporate body awareness and wellbeing throughout your work day


Intro Special- 3 sessions for $225

5 Private Training Sessions$450

Email ellen@burningheartstudio.com for more info.