Yoga at Burning Heart is the perfect way to climb out of quarantine. Being in a hot studio with fellow yogis with Ellen who has a true passion for the practice beats everything else. Burning Heart is the light at the end of the covid tunnel. -Gwen S

Small Group Classes IN STUDIO, heated or unheated, will be catered to your needs in a COVID conscious capacity in both Greenfield and Brattleboro. These are pre-scheduled semi privates, a minimum of three people, maximum of five. You can create your own Yoga pod or ask us to place you with one. You can join one time or ongoing/ weekly.

This is where we come to practice. This is where we come to heal. This is where we learn to love ourselves. This is where we learn to love others. Love happens from the inside out.❤️

Now more than ever, we need to be taking care of ourselves. Do not underestimate the power of wellness; sleep, stress reduction, meditation, balanced living, and a healthy diet, yoga and meditation is the gateway to that well being. We are here for you both virtually and in person.

Minimum cost for a one time unheated Yoga class is $125 or $100 for 5 sessions to be scheduled as you wish. Minimum cost for a one time heated Yoga class is $135 or $150 for 5 sessions to be scheduled as you wish. If you have interest in a one time Private Yoga Pod or to schedule a private yoga session, you can do so here or email us.

To ensure COVID safety, we will:

  • discontinue hands on assists.
  • clean all high touch surfaces before, after class.
  • provide disinfected mats, blocks, and straps (or you can bring your own.)
  • provide hand and mat sanitizer for before and after class.

All clients will be required to wear a mask upon arriving (removed only at your mat) and then again upon leaving.

My first yoga class at Burning Heart was actually Pod Yoga. This in-person class was desperately needed during a very stressful time in the world and my life as a whole. I felt new again after the class and am forever grateful Ellen is working so hard to offer this service for our community. Most importantly, I felt very safe with the small pod size, ample room in the studio, and safety protocols in place. Highly recommend! -Audrey