I love Ellen's SPIN classes! When I'm challenged she helps me stay calm instead of feeling anxious and stressed out and I am able to dig deeper. Physically I feel relaxed instead of intense which helps me work harder and for longer- she has a gift -I am so grateful for her classes! N.G.

Small Group Cycle Classes IN STUDIO in Greenfield will be catered to your needs in a COVID conscious capacity. These are pre-scheduled semi private groups. You can create your own SPIN pod or ask us to place you with one. You can join one time or ongoing/ weekly. Typically classes will run weekly and follow a similar schedule.

We are built for connection, we need to be together, taking care of ourselves together. Indoor Cycling is an incredibly efficient workout available to a broad range of participants that will challenge the rider both physically and mentally. Its easy on the joints and accessible to all ages. It’s an experience like no other.

If you have interest in a one time Private SPIN Pod or to schedule a private SPIN session, you can do so here or email us.

To ensure COVID safety, we will:

  • clean all high touch surfaces before, after class.
  • provide disinfectant and towels for the bikes before and after session.
  • provide hand and mat sanitizer for before and after class.

Participants are asked to:

  • Bring a towel for over the handle bars
  • Wear clean sneakers or cleats (SPD)
  • Come hydrated and also bring water