Commonly asked questions about Hot Yoga & Spin:

What are the benefits of Hot Yoga?
There are so many!!! The heat allows you to move more deeply and safely into postures. Working in a heated room also elevates the heart rate, which makes the body work harder. It’s a more intense practice and facilitates strength, flexibility and balance. Working in the heat helps the body to sweat and sweating is detoxifying. It also improves breathing function and capacity (which helps conditions like asthma) and helps focus the mind, which develops better mental concentration for practice and in life.
What are the benefits of Indoor Cycling?
For starters, spinning is a super amazing low to no impact workout- this means it is especially good for backs, knees and ankles. It is extremely modifiable, from the resistance down to the bike settings and the ride is totally personal, you own how much work you do- want to back off? want to work harder? All of the settings happen with you with your bike within the group. It is an absolutely super cardiovascular workout that you can burn anywhere from 500- 800 calories in 45 minutes…sort of unrivaled. The music is always new so the rides are always fresh. It’s like meditation on high speed.
How is the room heated?
Burning Heart uses infrared panels. The panels offer not only an amazingly efficient source of heat but therapeutic relief as well – like the soothing feeling of warm summer sun on your skin, the panels produce radiant heat waves which work to heat up water. Because the human body is made up of mostly water, this infrared heat transfers extremely effectively and can help gently increase blood circulation, ridding the body of toxins and can even provide pain relief.
How hot is the room?
95-105 degrees. Yes. You will sweat. A lot. We have lots of amazing towels for sale and for rent in both mat and hand sized. These are super decent investments and highly recommended for use in your hot yoga practice.
Is Spinning heated?
No. But it gets hot!
What if I'm not flexible?
You needn’t be anything but human to do yoga. Yoga is for everyone and everyBODY. Your practice will teach you about you, it is one of the greatest gifts that there is. It’s like that saying, “I’m not saying its’ going to be easy, but I am saying it will be worth it.” With a consistent practice of 3-4x a week, you will absolutely gain flexibility, and you will feel better in your body.
Should I eat before class?
This depends on you but we would say avoid having a meal 1-2 hours prior to class. Be and stay hydrated, water and hydration are your friend. Replenish your liquids more often than usual and be sure to salt your foods with good quality salt (Himalayan or Celtic). We also have natural electrolyte replenishers at the studio for sale that you can add to your water.
What should I wear?
Hot Yoga specific clothing that is moisture wicking does best, for both Yoga and Spin (cotton does not do well wet). Minimal bagginess in both tops and bottoms, Burning Heart carries a full line of top quality made-for-hot-yoga-spin-wear gear in both bra tops, tanks, capris, and leggings for both men and women. For Spin, if you are using regular running sneakers, be mindful of your shoelaces, tuck them in and keep them tight and in. This goes for leggings as well, tights or capris or bike specific bottoms work best, keeping the crank arm free from excess material and laces.
What should I bring?
For Yoga, a mat (or rent one for $5), a towel (or rent one for $3), at least a quart of water and perhaps an electrolyte replenishment and a change of clothes!!! The studio has straps and different size blocks for use free of charge. For Spin, water, and a hand towel- every rider must use a towel over the handlebars, for them and to minimize the sweat over the wheel. If you should forget yours we have them at the studio for rent. You will also use said towel to wipe your bike down after class. We have SPD and ARC LOOK pedals. You can bring clean cleats or sneakers, the pedals also have toe cages, however after about your 5th ride, invest in bike shoes, they are well worth the price for the experience you will get in return.
Do you have showers?
No, we do not have showers, but we do have changing rooms and two generously sized bathrooms.
Do you have mats and towels or do I bring my own?
We do have Manduka and Jade mats and Yogitoes towels both large and hand size for rent. $5 mat rental, $3 towel rental. We have everything you should need if you forget your gym bag including boxed water.
What should I expect?
Expect to sweat. Expect to work hard. Expect to fall in love, with yourself and with your new practice. Remember to start where you are and to take care of yourself in class. Modify your poses and your rides when needed and with the guidance of your teacher. Make sure to tell your teacher if you are new or if you are working with any injuries, they are there to support you in blooming. Mostly, be open and ready for anything and expect to be just a little bit more awesome after.
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