This Challenge will EMPOWER you and your food choices.You will look at food in a whole new light. Whether you are looking to lose weight, clean up your diet, or go vegan, you will get what you need. This time around we’ve added Unlimited Classes to the challenge! Your body is the only true home that you will ever own. Take 28 days to clean house, reboot, refuel, and recharge. However you are currently eating, you WILL be different at the end of this program. #turnthelightson
$200 for 28 days of coaching & 30 days Unlimited Classes. $125 for 28 days of coaching only (if you would like to participate remotely.)
Included in the cost of the program is:
*Invitation into BH’s Vegan Challenge private FaceBook Group
*Daily recipe and meal suggestions
*Daily inspiring and informative FaceBook posts
*Ongoing nutritional Support
*One nutrition assesment with Ellen