Ellen Abraham Ellen has trained all over the world with teachers such as Baron Baptiste, Gurmuk Kaur Khalsa, Bikram Choudery, Kathy Van Patten, Debbie Rocker, Shiva Rea and Iyanla Vanzant. She is a Baptiste Level 3 500 hour Power Yoga Instructor and holds several other certifications for Yoga including those with Bikram, Kripalu, and Prenatal Yoga. She is an NASM and ACE certified Personal Trainer, CrossFit L1, Exercise & Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Spinning and Comprehensively trained Power Pilates instructor. She has completed the Gyrotonic Foundation I Teacher Training and is a trained whole foods chef, having studied with AnneMarie Colbin at the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC and is a graduate of Matthew Kenney’s Raw Culinary School in OKC. Ellen is currently enrolled in the FIT to Lead Program with Baron Baptiste and the Baptiste Institute.


  Jennifer Coffin Fitness has always been important to Jen. As captain of her soccer and softball teams she’s always drawn to coaching and encouraging her teammates. After having her son Ryan, she was looking for a way to get back to where she was physically in college. She quickly found out that spinning was the best transition from almost zero activity to being able to run a full 90 minute soccer game. She moved back to ‘the country’ a couple years ago she was ecstatic to find Burning Heart. It is more challenging mentally and physically than any soccer game she has played. “You won’t find the spirit and love in a class anywhere else like the community at Burning Heart.” Jen’s classes will have you rocking out- she looks forward to seeing you in class!Certifications include: American Barre Technique®  MadDog Athletics, Completed Teacher Training with Burning Heart, CPR
*anne Anne YereniukFitness has been a continuing passion for Anne with interests including hiking, running, road cycling, skiing, aerobics, and spinning. Despite an early skepticism of yoga, after suffering through several injuries, she turned to yoga for rehabilitation and then prevention. Since then, she has found physical and emotional transformation on the mat, and lessons she carries off to mat into the rest of life. Through Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, she has gained self-discovery and acceptance, ultimately leading her to become a certified yoga instructor. She feels privileged to be part of the Burning Heart community, one that combines two of her loves – Yoga and Spinning.Certifications include: 200hr training with Shiva Shakti, Burning Heart Indoor Cycling Training, CPR
Erika HouleI stepped into my first yoga class almost 6 years ago. I was in a pretty rough spot in life and felt very lost and in need of some inspiration. At the urging of a friend, I went to a beginner hot power vinyasa class and was immediately hooked. Well , maybe not immediately, I had to crawl home first ! Although I could barely walk home after, I kept taking class which led me on a path to becoming a teacher. After my first Baptiste training I knew this style of yoga was going to be a big part of my life . I never planned on being a teacher or had confidence that I could lead a class. The skills and tools that I acquired not only helped me to become a teacher, but changed my everyday life as well. I feel so grateful for the wonderful yoga communities I’m part of . Certifications include: 200hr training with Shiva Shakti, Brandon Compagnone & Naima Workman. Level one & Level two, Baptiste trainings and immersions, CPR
Meira Meira Wainstein Meira discovered spinning when Burning Heart first opened in Greenfield, and since then it has taken her on a path she never expected. Always playing on team sports, it had been hard for her to find a fitness routine that brought the team aspect she was looking for, while still fitting it into her work schedule. Spinning not only provided the fitness she was looking for, but a therapy she’d never found in any other workout routine. “The Burning Heart community pushes each other to their fullest limits, making it the ultimate team sport.” What she loves most about spinning is no matter what is happening in your life, for 45 minutes on that bike you can’t think about anything other then how hard you’re killing it! In her classes she hopes to show you that you can do just a little bit more, push just a little bit harder, and hopes you discover what she discovered on that bike, that YOU ARE AMAZING! Certifications include: MadDog Athletics, Burning Heart, CPR
Terri Terri Phelps Terri lives in Greenfield with her husband and three children. She has always been interested in the connection between exercise and the mind. When she discovered Burning Heart last September she was excited not only by the workout, but the effect it had on her emotional well being. She looks forward to sharing her love of exercise, namely spinning, in a fun filled, positive, encouraging environment. Certifications include: Maddog Athletics, CPR, Massage Therapy, Reiki II, Burning Heart
  Avalon Simmons –Avalon went to her first Baptiste yoga class in 2013 and basically died. Not one to back down from challenge she came back from the dead to take on another class. And another. And another. The full body awareness, invigoration, and mind clearing moving meditation continues to be the pull for Avalon as a student and the inspiration for her as a teacher. Certifications include: Burning Heart 200hr training (in process), Baron Baptiste L1, CPR
  Laurel Hootstein– I experienced Baptiste Hot Yoga for the first time in 2013. I basically blacked out that first class but I had this drive to keep returning, a feeling I had never had after prior yoga practices. It felt like a perfect practice to add a little more balance in my life. I was pushing my body and mind in this way I hadn’t pushed since soccer in high school but experimenting with a self directed compassion. I fell in love with the way Baptiste Yoga cultivated self awareness, empowerment and love.  I look forward to learning how to share this practice through the Burning Heart Teacher Training. Certifications: CPR, Burning Heart 200hr training (in process) 


  Lisa Shearer- Bio coming soon!
Martie Murphy Kane-Running and Spinning have always played an important role in Martie’s life. As a marathoner she regularly integrates Spinning into her cross training. Most recently, as a benefit of joining the Burning Heart Community her passion for Spinning has only deepened and intensified. Her class is focused and energetic with goals appropriate for both beginner and regular riders. Martie recognizes the importance of the mind, body and soul connection to fitness and strives to make every ride challenging, motivating and most importantly, FUN! Certifications include: Mad Dogg Athletics Spin Instructor, Burning Heart Indoor Cycling Teacher Certification, First Aid/CPR



 trisha Tricia Coffin Kaeppel grew up in Greenfield. Trish fell in love with dance at an early age and is a firm believer in the power of a good dance party. She then found field hockey and other team sports in middle and highschool which got her into fitness and the benefits of hard work- a mentality which followed her through college in Hartford, CT where she obtained a bachelor’s of science majoring in Radiographic Technology. She has worked in healthcare since she was 17 and loves helping people. “Burning Heart a fun, non-judgmental place to get fit and make new friends. This is my happy place. The energy here is unparalleled, I love the attitude and the people who make Burning Heart what it is ” She has been a tribe member at burning heart since early 2013. Certifications include: Mad Dogg Athletics, American Barre Technique, CPR
   Taylor McNeil– was a resolute couch potato until a severe back injury threatened her mobility at the age of 23.  In 2011 Taylor took up yoga as a hopeful alternative to surgery and found the emotional and physical benefits immediate and addictive!  Taylor thinks of the yoga mat as a laboratory where we can practice playfulness, ease, and persistence in response to challenge.  In class she invites her students to dig deep, and get messy and seeks to create a space where people can feel comfortable practicing their own authentic physical expression in community.  Taylor began teaching yoga in 2014 and continues to seek additional training and development through the Baptiste Institute with a voracious appetite!  Certifications include: Baptiste Level 1 and Level 2, 502 Power Yoga 200 Hr, Evansville Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hr

Naomi Bledsoe – took her first spin class in 2014 when her best friend started instructing at their university. She fell in love with the rhythm and variety of movements you can incorporate into every ride. Naomi believes that 45 minutes in that room is so much more than just a physical workout. She never expected to love riding a stationary bike in a dark room as much as she did but it changed her life and opened up doors for growth. Her hopes are that it will do the same for you. Being able to combine her love for music and movement helps to strengthen the mind, body and soul. Expect to sweat, push outside of your comfort zone and become stronger physically and mentally. Lights dark, music loud, let’s ride.

Certifications: MadDog Athletics, Completed Indoor Cycling Teacher Training with Burning Heart, CPR

Tasha Gilbert -Bio coming soon 

Certifications include: MadDog Athletics, Completed Indoor Cycling Teacher Training with Burning Heart, CPR