WE LOVE NEWBIES! Whether you are new to Hot Yoga, Spinning, Pilates, or are just new to Burning Heart….WE LOVE YOU and are ready for your visit.  We believe to get a rounded experience you should try all of the classes you want so that you can pick and choose and create your very own Burning Heart Experience- one that you love and look forward to fulfilling day in and day out. Here are a few things you can mull over before your first class…


We offer a 1st time client special for those who have never been to Burning Heart or if you have taken less than 2 classes. (Say you bought your 1st class/2nd class free and decided you wanted to go all in…the NTL package would still be for you!) Our New Tribe Love Unlimited is $99,and expires in 30 days -good for purchase and use in both locations and also online. 



  • For first-time BH Spinners and HotYogis take a bike or place your mat in the second row — the first row is usually filled with the more experienced riders/ practitioners and it can be helpful to watch both them and the instructor when you start out.
  • Wear sweat-wicking clothes that won’t ride up, like leggings and a tank top.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. You sweat a lot in these classes, and will want to be as hydrated as possible before entering the room. Bring a water bottle also or we sell water in the studios.
  • Come early and get the lay of the land, settle yourself in, meet and touch base with your instructor and get assistance if you need it.
  • Have a teacher adjust your bike and make sure it works for you. Having the bike set up for your comfort can make all the difference in your experience. Know that these adjustments can and will change, start out with the initial adjustments and adjust accordingly.
  • Don’t be intimidated by the sense of community. Burning Heart is first and foremost about community, TRIBE. It may seem as if everyone already knows each other and that is a huge part of the BH experience. Make yourself open to becoming a part of it. We want you here!!!
  • Do you!!!  In Spin- You have the resistance knob, for 45 minutes this is your bike- stay in the saddle the entire ride if you need/want to. The first class can seem like a lot even for experienced riders, take it all in at your own pace. Observe the form and pace of those round you. Listen to the music, do your best and have fun! There is so much time to get it all, it doesn’t have to happen in your first class. For HotYoga- Do your best to just stay in the room. If you should get overheated, take child pose and relax. Practice on an empty stomach or with very little in your belly and stay hydrated. We all need to start somewhere, start where you are.